tricks on broken boards

We've all snapped boards in our time - focusing them in a fit of rage, shooting out into a busy road, pissing off the wrong person and so on. However, as the following GIFs illustrate, a broken board doesn't have to mean the end of your session. Here's some inspiration...

Louie Barletta Broken GIF

Louie Barletta is one of those who is capable of doing almost anything on a skateboard so it's little surprise to see he can still backtail with a focused board.

Shane ONeill Broken Board

Not even a broken board can override the Shane O'Neill mainframe. Ridiculous stuff as ever from 'Nugget'.

QS Broken Board

One of the highlights of Quartersnacks '10 Years' edit, a more than respectable line minus a tail. Speaking of Quartersnacks broken board antics this will forever remain a classic.

Collin Provost Broken Board

Collin Provost displaying some serious dedication to the cause. Take note kids - if you're board snaps and you can't afford a new one just screw it back together and you're good to go.

BA Broken Board

Brian Anderson taking the DIY approach to get his trick. Tail too long? No problem, just saw it off.