Inspired by Dime's recent pilgrimage to San Francisco in search of The Skinny Ledge Master himself, we decided to put together some of our favourite clips involving dangerously thin ledges which carry a high slam potential.

What better way to begin than with the man himself, Joe Valdez, at the China banks.

"He's punk and he's Arabic and he's Swedish" and here he is handling a skinny hubba ledge in Flip's 'Sorry'. Seems apt to shoehorn a Gapman trick in here too.

Incredible skateboarder and now master lensman, Mike Manzoori taking it around the corner and up for this frontside boardslide.

Politic shredder Jon Rowe is no stranger to getting gnarly in tight situations as this clip adequately demonstrates.

No listicle is complete, it seems, without the inclusion of The Gonz. So true to form here he is popping from one skinny brick ledge to another.

Sammy Baca turning it on for the ladies.

There's a few tricks we could have had at this spot, Kevin Bradley's ollie springs to mind, but we went with Jake Johnson's switch ride on grind beacuse it's fucking Jake Johnson.

Howard Cooke is a straight up beast, hit play for evidence of this fact. Check the nosebump/nosegrind that follows too, so gnarly!

Quick footed skinny ledge antics from Grant Taylor, also check this one from earlier in the same section. Too good!

Alexis Lacroix bringing things full circle with this Joe Valdez tribute from the Dime Instagram.