This photo pretty much says it all. He went from being skateboarding's cute little Rastafarian prodigy to posing next to his rims.

Not sure exactly how it happened but from what we can tell he stuck a few diamonds in his ears, cut his dreads off so that he could walk around with a massive green claw on his head and tick-tacked his way to abundant wealth. How he became the world's driest human along the way is still a mystery....


Chris Cole bursted onto the scene with a massive yellow t-shirt, Axions and often times swishy pants. He was quickly became known for his tech skills and caught the eye of Rodney Mullen who then put him on World Industries in the late nineties.

Shortly thereafter, Jamie Thomas came knocking at Chris' door. Rumour has it, to get on Zero Jamie highly recommended that Chris change his whole kit up. Suddenly the baggy jeans, XXL yellow tees and bulky Axions were traded in for black wristbands, size medium tees, black hair dye and skinny jeans. Complete switch up for The Chief!


Ben Nordberg

An important thing to keep in mind with this one is that it's okay to look stupid when you are a kid. Going through a grom phase is fine, it's a healthy thing. Even if it involves wearing tie-dye shirts and beaded bracelets. The manufactured hippy/stoner steez has always been really popular amongst prepubescent middle-class white boys in the UK so he can't really be blamed.

What he can be called out for is moving to L.A and drastically switching things up. You simply can't get away with fashionably smoking cigarettes every time you get your picture taken and wearing 4 rings on each hand, especially if it's just to look like Dylan Reider. And what the fuck is up with those T-shirts? How do you convince yourself that pulling on your collar and ripping holes into in it will make it look cooler? What would your mum say if she walked in on you going at it with scissors?

Sorry but no matter how many Cali girls you can't mention you slept with thanks to those garms, nothing justifies looking like a such a wimp.


One of the best things about Boulala's transformation is that you can watch it take place mid-section in the 'Baker Bootleg' vid.


One minute he looks like your average G'd out mid-nineties skate rat, the next he's chucking himself down the Wilshire rail in black skinny jeans, a leather jacket and short spiky hair!

Sadly his second phase of transformation wasn't as sudden as the first and before turning into the weird bohemian pirate we've grown to love he went through rather long phases of wearing even tighter jeans and bulkier shoes, followed by a lot of cut-off shirts and vomiting (an essential part of any true Piss Drunk's look).


You know how people always say fashion is cyclical and just regurgitates trends from the past until it goes all the way back to square one? Well Greco is a perfect illustration of this.

He must've spent at least ten years of his life exploring new ways to look as outrageous as possible, only to end up reverting back to a baggier more modest attire (Dickies/t-shirt) that funnily enough reminds us of the early stages of his Misled Youth period.


Hands down Jason Dill has had the most transformations in skateboarding. But you know what, I can't even hate on this dude. You know why, because yes his look changed a lot, but he never seemed to follow or imitate others. Dill was a pioneer. He wasn't trying to look like anyone else, quite the opposite, people were trying to look like him.

Remember when he wore the capri shorts with yellow leggings in DVS' Skate More? Yes you see it a lot now with Japanese skaters and even The Muska, but Dill did this in 2005, way before either were doing this. Yes, it's true,  Dill has worn some weird get-ups. But there is definitely something to be said about an originator, not an imitator. Respect due son!


To be fair Mikey Taylor didn't quite switch-up his style as much as most of the other guys we've got in here. He kind of just went from looking like cheesy Californian student to a sleezy Hollywood resident, which is quite a natural metamorphosis really. Although it did take a lot of smiling, gel and collar stretching...


The worst thing about Dylan's current look isn't even the stupid nail varnish, it's the fact that his popularity has somehow led fanatic morons across the globe to think that "handsome" is now a style.

What they don't realise is that he only gets away with tucking tight vests into girls jeans because he can impossible higher than most of us can ollie and actually is handsome. Imitating him and dressing like a twat isn't going to make you any prettier (see Ben Nordberg).

Germany has probably suffered the most from this phenomenon recently:


Bam Margera's early steez was this: Toy Machine hoody, Toy Machine tee, baggy jeans, Etnies and no facial hair. Then, with Jackass he became famous and started making a little money, which changed his whole gear up.

First, he had unhealthy fascination with the band H.I.M. and got tattoos and started wearing eye makeup. Then came the necklaces, rings, wristbands, sunglasses and goatee. He went from the skate rat look to looking more like Eddie Izzard.


Most people saw Chris Haslam for the first time in Deca's 2nd to None video. Chris rocked a shaved head, baggy shorts, white shoes and did really tech skating, including lots of flips out of boardslides and lipslides. He wore pretty much the standard Canadian skater's outfit of that era.

Then there was a bit of a change, he grew his hair long and started to don some facial hair in his Digital 9 part. You can see the transition in his footage.

After that the hair and beard kept growing until he resembled Grizzly Adams. The tech skating continued though and Chris definitely is in the running for the techest big beard skater of all time. Perhaps only Richie Jackson comes close.


The Las Vegas native was referred to as Chad Muska when he burst onto the scene in the mid-nineties riding for Maple and rocking a white baseball cap and cargo pants. He made a name for himself in San Diego and got on Toy Machine and soon after that he became known to all as "The Muska".

Muska has had a lot of different looks. You might remember this look from Transworld's Uno. This was the stee he rocked that henceforth cemented his status as a household name; this was his Toy Machine days.

Next, he left Toy Machine and got on Shorty's where he moved into a more sporty look with swishy pants, TSA tees, his éS pro model shoes, tank tops and silver necklaces.The boom box was his fashion accessory of choice and he brought it everywhere and even did crooked grinds with it.

Years later Muska began hanging more in Hollywood with the celebs and you can tell this has definitely influenced his choice of fashion. These days Muska can be seen wearing Meggings (Male-leggings) like many other celebs, his latest Skytop, lots of black, glasses and lots of leather.