Starting off with Matt Hensley's caballerial from the H Street video, 'Not The New H-Street Video', way back in 1990.

Mike Carroll with a quintet over this bump to picnic bench spot, taken from his 'Fully Flared' section.

A Sean Sheffey classic from the 1991 Life video, 'A Soldier's Story'. Plenty more picnic bench based radness dotted throughout this clip.

Can't front on that! Followed up by a banging self-cheer too!

Kien 'Donger' Lieu boosting over the picnic bench with a hefty melon grab, taken from the H-Street video 'Hokus Pokus'.

Man of pop, Andrew Brophy, clearing the bench and then some.

Carlos Iqui nollie cab flips this famous picnic bench spot with consumate ease. He fakie hardflips it, in a line, earlier in the section too.

Three for the price of one here courtesy of Jason Dill, Dylan Rieder and Kevin Terpening from the Alien Workshop Cinematographer Project section.

Couldn't leave Daewon out now could we?

And we definitely couldn't leave Keenan Milton out.

Kenny Anderson bonus round, doing the double in 'Yeah Right!'.