You may not have heard about cOLLAPSe skateboards yet, especially if you're not aware of the French scene… so here's a little introduction to our crew: The brand is based in Hossegor, France, the European mecca of surfing, but just like you, we're more into surfing sidewalks. The team is made of George Poole, the frenchiest English skater, Matt Débauché, Gaëtan Ducellier, Pauliana Laffabrier, DIY ruler Romain Covolan and 14 years old Hugo Westrelin, who, for sanity reasons wasn't on that trip. Now over to Greg Poissonier!

As every skate crew out there we love to get together and hit the road towards sunny destinations filled spots, so we headed down to south of Spain – Chiclana de la Frontera, next to Cadiz, to be exact – aiming for some epic skate sessions and good times. We were lucky enough to have the best guides in town thanks to Ignacio Morata and Alberto Velazquez, so we didn't get lost in search of friendly skate terrain. And some skateable gems we found… as the photos and video show. Hope you'll enjoy our adventures in the land of Flamenco!