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As the saying goes, 'all good things must come to an end'. Which is the case for the brands featured in this post, who all fell by the wayside for one reason or another.

We thought it would be good to celebrate them for what they were - hopefully jogging your memory and getting you stoked on something you watched when you were younger, bringing your attention to something that might have passed you by, or giving you a nice dose of skateboarding history if you're too young to remember them the first time around.

We've focused primarily on European brands, though we've got a couple of American companies in there too, either because they supported Europeans or just because we really like them.

This list is by no means exhaustive so feel free to suggest any you think we should include and we'll add them in.

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Brands Splitpost_0010_PanicSkateboards

Panic was a British brand from the mid-nineties playing host to the talents of Colin Kennedy, John Rattray, Paul Shier and Matt Pritchard amongst others. Their videos with Blueprint, 'A Mixed Media' (1996) and 'Anthems' (1997) still stand up today.

Brands Splitpost_0008_17778_2002_6

Seek Skateboards was a venture headed up by Rob Dyrdek and Josh Kalis through DNA Distribution which was around between 2002-2004. The roster included the likes of Flo Marfaing, Alex Carolino, Colin McKay, Mikey Taylor, and of course Rob Dyrdek and Josh Kalis.

Brands Splitpost_0000_Worst-Graphics_0011_reaction-big-head-orange

Reaction skateboards was a British brand run through NDUK (New Deal UK) distribution. Whilst their graphics weren't everyone's cup of tea, they did support the likes of Rodney Clarke, Flynn Trotman, Matt Fowler and Neil Urwin and put out a rad video, 'Creation', in 2001.

Brands Splitpost_0003_Harmony_Logo

The Harmony was formed in 2004 in Essex by Adam Mondon and Dave Dixon. Home to some seriously talented street technicians including Jak Pietryga, Tony da Silva, Dom Henry, Will Harmon, Ali Drummond, and Jeremy Jones. The company sadly disbanded in 2014.

Brands Splitpost_0001_the-firm-skateboards-bob-baldy-pipe-2003

The Firm began in 1991 after Ray Barbee and Lance Mountain left their previous sponsor, Powell Peralta, to start something of their own. They sponsored some of the best riders over the years including the likes of Matt Beach, Frank Gerwer, Bob Burnquist and Rodrigo TX. As well as a few Europeans in the form of Wieger Van Wageningen, Jani Laitiala and Javier Sarmiento.

Brands Splitpost_0011_Supernaut Skateboards

Supernaut Skateboards was a San Francisco based company founded in the mid-nineties by Paul Sharpe and Mike Ballard, with Mike Ballard taking the reigns on the artistic side. Supernaut supported some great skaters including Will Harmon, Tony Cox, Matt Pailes, Cairo Foster, and Matt Rodriguez.

Brands Splitpost_0004_First East board series Sidewalk

EAST were a brand from with a strong connection to Lost Art. They boasted the likes of Dave Mackey, Josh Perret, Kohran Gayle, Tony Da Silva and Welsh Tommy. They released one video, in the form of the rad 'Vapors' in 2006 before sadly disbanding.

Brands Splitpost_0006_Chris Jones Crayon

Crayon Skateboards were a UK brand based out of Bristol, run by Matthew 'Dykie' Ryan, between the years of 2007-2013. Hooking up the likes of Chris Jones, Welsh Tommy, Korahn Gayle, Dan Wileman, Barber, James Coyle and Andy 'Evz' Evans. Head over to the Crayon Skateboards Vimeo page and feast your eyes on their video output.

Brands Splitpost_0009_Alai Skateboards

Alai was a Spanish board brand which formed in 2003 in Bilbao. They released three videos, their debut offering being 'Olé' in 2006. Olé featured the likes of Chris Oliver, Dan Wileman, Alain Goikoetxea, Anthony Lopez and and Emilio Arnanz. Later they also hooked up legendary Spanish skater Dani Lebron.

Brands Splitpost_0012_oyola_silverstar_slap_may_1997

Ricky Oyola started Silverstar after his previous company Illuminati ended. He compiled a heavy team including the likes of Matt Reason, Tony Cox, Sergei Trudnowski, Andrew Currie, Jesse Fritsch, Sean Mullendore, and Greg Harris. The company went under after the owner of ECU (Silverstar's backers) lost all his money gambling.