Wallows Gif

If you mention 'ditch skating' to skateboarders of a certain age it's pretty much nailed on they will bring up the Wallows section from The Search for Animal Chin. Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and Mike McGill hitting up hallowed ground.

Tom Penny Ditch

Classic Tom Penny shapes from Flip's Sorry. You can find out a bit more about this ditch spot in the BFFS episode The Secret Ditch.

Rowley Ditch

From one Flip video to another - this is Geoff Rowley's typically gnarly opening gambit taken from his Really Sorry section.

David Gonzalez Ditch Gif

David Gonzalez completing the hat trick of Flip affiliated ditch tricks with this ridiculous kickflip into the second bank. Seeing him slide down the bank during the attempts is a pretty grim watch.

Skreech Ditch

Josh 'Skreech' Sandoval's padless ditch loop was pretty fucked.

Marius Syvanen Ditch Gif

We love this clip of Marius for a few reasons, firstly the trick is really gnarly, secondly he manages somehow to ride out the speed wobble switch, and thirdly gives himself major props on the ride away. Radness all round!

Raemers Ditch Gif

Ben Raemers taking a few layers of ply of his board with this monster boardslide.

Ryan Reyes Ditch Gif

Ryan Reyes shreds all manner of ditches in his Happy Medium 3 section. Here he is taking the raillie to the next level.

Danny Gonzalez Ditch Gif

Danny Gonzalez channelling a circus contortionist to get himself up the wall to where the spiders live.

Sylvain Ditch

We're not certain if this technically counts as a ditch, but Sylvain Tognelli's frontside ollie in the water from the Antiz and Carhartt WIP Swiss Banks trip is too good not to sneak in.