With Winter closing in it's about time to batten down the hatches, pop a few corks and eat until you explode.

Everybody want a little present, right?

With a new issue of Kingpin just round the corner we decided to hype the next issue's (85) cover mount DVD, DC's Lace 'Em Up. Gaston Francisco was kind enough to provide us with some visuals, Antony Lopez provided us with a 10 Tricks and Josef provided the wallpaper.

Keep your eyes out for the new issue of Kingpin, due just after Kris Kringle empties his large sack into your stockings.

Crew @ Welcome

Crew deep.

Bruno Aballay Spain


Henning sw fs flip

Henning Braaten switch frontside flip.

Henning sw varial heel

Henning again, switch varial hizz. (click for larger version)


Nature and shit.


Mo nature and shit.

Mikey hardflip

Hards over a loading bay gap.

Michael sw bigspin heel

Switch biggy heels from Michael Sommer. (click for larger version)

Hermann Stene nollie late flip into bank

Hermann Stene, nollie late front foot flipper.


A to the Mitherflipping K homeboy.

Checking footage

Footy check.

Josef bigspin flip

Josef Scott Jatta, big flip. (click here for larger version)

Steffen Austerheim bigspin

Steffen Austerheim, bigspin. (click here for larger version)


Josef Scott Jatta, hop, skip, flontside flip. Ph. Gaston

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