2er On Fire 2016 – Turn off/Turn-up

Words: Jan | Pics: Nils Heise

I think most people would have heard of the 2er DIY by now, this place is pretty epic and has been covered here a bunch. Now, the lovely people that run the show over there also host their annual summer festival around the spot, the infamous 2er On Fire.

Truth be told, the weather gods didn't really want to have much fire on 2er this year, since heavy rain showers would at least extinguish most stoke just when things were about to kick off and people were getting ready for the “crew-sen" team battles. And just when it had dried up the heavenly gates would open again. Tough luck.

However, nothing a few beers and music from the sick polka/balkan combo playing in overalls, golden hats and white wellies couldn't fix, and so a bunch of dudes even kept skating somehow despite rain and slippery floor. Just at the last hour of daylight, the freshest, newly built section of the park would dry up enough to allow for a proper session. In between a few of the annual best of awards were given out by stunningly dressed 2er club head honcho, Eule (aka. The Boss and Master of Ceremony), and local crew Basta premiered their retrospect video and as well as the Girl Skate India Tour video.

Drinks kept flowing a plenty, all sorts of bands played on various stages and the fire on 2er and the adjacent Platz Projekt eventually lit the night. In rainbow colours, and until the wee hours of the morning. And on…

For a fraction of the goings-on see below.