After seeing a guy with trucks screwed onto a scaffolding plank at a local park a few weeks back we got to thinking about skating 'non' skateboards.

By 'non' skateboards we are talking about boards that aren't the standard deck you'd pick up off the rack at your local skate shop.

This post celebrates the weirdness skateboarding blesses us with - ranging from guns, to fish tanks and through to gardening tools.

1. Simon Woodstock

Simon Woodstock Surfboard Bigspin

Simon Woodstock, the Godfather of weird skateboards, from his classic section in the Thrasher video, Need for Speed.

2. Dan Cates

Dan Cates Fish Tank Board

This isn't strictly speaking a trick, though you're quite limited when your foot is submerged in a fish tank. Dan Cates,who is no stranger to a peculiar plank, pays homage to Simon Woodstock in Death's Ordinary Madness.

3. Dan Drehobl

Dan Drehobl M16 Board

Frontside airs not warfare! Dan Drehobl getting up there on an M16 assault rifle.

4. Max Schaaf

Max Schaaf Dollar Board Kickflip

Max Schaaf flippin' dollars as seen in a Real Skateboards ad.

5. Ali Boulala

Ali Boulala Mini Board

Ali Boulala takes a bambino's board off the platform at Tom Penny's French retreat.

6 & 7. Manolo Robles & Bob Burnquist

Manolo Robles Penny Board

Manolo Robles' Penny Board section from earlier in the year was an unexpected treat. Here's Bob Burnquist taking one of these usually frowned upon plastic pieces over the channel for good measure.

Bob Burnquist Penny Board

8. Rafael Ferreira

Spade Kickflip

Rafael Ferreira's spade kickflip that was doing the rounds on the internet earlier this year.

9. Richie Jackson

Richie Jackson Fork Flip

More garden tool kickflip action - this time from Richie Jackson and Moon Duo from their video for Animal.

10. Mike Mo Capaldi

Mike Mo Non Skateboard

Mike Mo's got a better tre flip on a ripstick than most people have on a skateboard.