Surviving Winter Illustrations_0004_rain skate

Illustrations by Matt Ward.

With the excitement of Christmas and New Years now well and truly behind us we are left with the seemingly endless wait for spring with the warmer, and more importantly drier, weather it brings.

Inhabitants of Northern Europe, in particular, will know only too well the frustrations of the winter months spent cooped up in indoor skateparks or dodging the elements in the streets.

Here we’ve got ten suggestions which will hopefully make winter a little less painful, some serious and some less so.

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0007_car parks

Underground car parks are the staple of many a winter session. You'll often find kerbs, rails, and banks inside - though failing that it's always fun to just bomb from the top to the bottom. They're free, often warm and providing security aren't too hot you'll be guaranteed a fun skate.

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0008_bong

If you're partial to the odd smoke, and let's face it a lot of skateboarders are, then maybe the Big Brother Bong Olympics is something you might consider recreating. Not really much skating involved here, but you'll probably have a good laugh.

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0005_house skatepark

The dream of many a young skateboarder, and one realised by a bloke with dreadlocks from Brazil.

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0003_scott bourne

There's plenty of skateboard books to keep you occupied over the winter months, recently we've seen the release of the La Kantera skatepark book, Quartersnacks' TF at 1, and Carhartt's From Dirt to Dust - to name but a few. And for those wishing to get a little bit more academic there's also books like Iain Borden's Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body.

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0006_fingerboard

To quote Colin Fiske: "It's important to fingerboard as it keeps your brain functioning in the drab time."

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0004_rain skate

If you have little regard for the state of your skateboard, clothes, shoes, being cold etc etc then why not just skate anyway? These sections should give you plenty of inspiration.

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0000_thps

Live vicariously through the pixelated worlds of Tony Hawk's and SKATE. You can even get really nerdy and recreate your favourite pros video parts.

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0001_skate02

There's plenty of other things you can be doing to keep yourself occupied through the unpleasant weather. Swedish legend J Mag plays ice hockey, snowboarding is an obvious option, or perhaps even snow skating.

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0009_bam

I know not everyone has the resources, or indeed the mind of Bam Margera - but knocking up a contraption such as this will keep you occupied at least for a while, and you are guaranteed some good slams.

Surviving Winter Illustrations_0002_skate01

Why not gather your friends and start a band? You can join the likes of Tommy Guerrero, The Gonz, Ray Barbee and skate to your own music. Who knows,  if you're really lucky you might even get a music career out of it.