Skateboarders music careers_0007_muska

Chad Muska is a man who has always embraced the relationship between music and skateboarding. Not that this always works out for the best however, if you recall the bizarre mix he assembled for his Shorty's 'How To Go Pro' section you'll know what I mean.

The Muska did however put out a reasonable album, on his label 1212 Records, unsurprisingly titled 'Muskabeatz' and featuring the likes of Raekwon, Prodigy, and Jeru the Damaja. Originally planned as a hip-hop drum and bass fusion, though fortunately this idea was dropped and the record has a classic hip-hop feel. Check out the track with Raekwon and U-God here:

Skateboarders music careers_0006_Reverend-Baron-Photo-by-Johnny-Martinez

Habitat skateboards OG and general steezey bastard Danny Garcia has been playing music in one form or other for a long time. With the help of another skateboarder turned singer-songwriter Matt Costa, Danny started Revered Baron in 2013.

Revered Baron's sound is a mixture of American folk and blues, with nods to sixties psychedelia and rock. Danny has released a self titled E.P under this moniker. Read an interview with Danny about his music on Deaf Lens, and listen below:

Above photo by Johnny Martinez.

Skateboarders music careers_0005_Salba

Somewhere amongst the eternal search for backyard perfection Steve Alba found the time to play in a number of rock and punk bands including The Flamethrowers, Screaming Lord Salba and the Blue Flames (who you can hear in his section in the Santa Cruz video 'Wheels on Fire') and Powerflex Five.

Taking in surf and rockabilly influences separated the band from many of their hardcore peers and resulted in some pretty listenable tunes, put it on while you scour Google Maps for neighbours' pools:

Skateboarders music careers_0013_Gentry-Puzzle-Cover8x8

Texas vert ripper Chris Gentry has his own channel, dedicated to rapping about recent events in the world of skateboarding and BMX - it's tongue in cheek, it's hilarious and we recommend you watch them all...

Skateboarders music careers_0000_Vans DQM General_RayBarbee1

Alongside his skateboarding career which has spanned for over 20 years, Ray Barbee is also an accomplished songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Releasing his first EP in 2003 on Galaxia records, an album on the same label in 2005, he has collaborated with fellow skateboarding musician Tommy Guerrero and wrote songs for The Firm's 'Can't Stop'. The free feeling jazz-influenced style of his guitar playing is reminiscent of his style on a skateboard, take a listen here:

Skateboarders music careers_0012_Goatmouf-Gumbo-Let-It-Float-ft.-TK_2014822102452

By all accounts Shane Heyl seems like a pretty down to earth and decent guy, but as with a lot of skateboarders (see Jereme Rogers and Chris Gentry in this post) who get into rapping it all just ends up a little embarrassing.

Alongside a Limp Bizkit-esque collaboration with Lil' Wayne, Shane has released a solo album, 'Switch Heel' under the moniker Goatmouf Gumbo. Try and make it through his single 'Let It Float' which features Terry Kennedy:

Skateboarders music careers_0014_faction104.preview

"Music By Skaters For Skaters" was the slogan used by hardcore punk group The Faction. At their most active during the early eighties, though they've reformed a couple of times since, the band was made up entirely of skateboarders.

The band's most notable member Steve Caballero helped them gain a large following of skateboarders during their infancy. Drummer Craig Bosch even has a trick named after him, 'the Bosch', which is an invert to blunt.

Skateboarders music careers_0010_J-Casanova-Featured

There's not much to say about J Casanova AKA Jereme Rogers that hasn't already been said. So let's just let his music do the talking...

Skateboarders music careers_0008_Matt Hensley Ph. Pebsworth

After calling it a day on his professional skateboarding careeer in 1990, to become a paramedic, Matt Hensley went on to form Celtic punk Flogging Molly in 1997.

One of the hardest touring bands around, Hensely has been playing accordion in the group for the best part of 20 years, having a brief hiatus after he "just freaked the f—k out".

Skateboarders music careers_0001_Tommy Guerrero

Tommy Guerrero regularly wrote and performed the music in his sections, and later provided the soundtrack to many a Real Skateboards part.

He performed in the bands Free Beer and Jet Black Crayon, but it is as a solo artist that Tommy has had the most success, releasing eight studio albums from 1998 onwards. Take a listen to this oddity recorded with Mark Gonzales from the video, Real to Reel.