'Threading the needle', utilising tight spaces, or whatever you wish to call it, combines two of skateboarding's best aspects - the creative eye and the very present danger of injuring yourself.

Take a look at Ben Grove's ollie above, captured by Reece Leung, as an example. There's very little room for error when it comes to aiming yourself between two large pieces of metal, and that's before you take into consideration the grass gap he's clearing too.

As always with these posts, this isn't meant as an exhaustive list, it's just a few favourite examples from recent memory for you to enjoy. Feel free to add your own/remind us which ones we've missed out and so on in the comments.


Ben Grove Thread Gif

Terry Tough Tits flings himself between two signposts in Mark Kendrick's psychedelic extravaganza, Shads.

Hiroki Muraoka

Not only does Akihiro have to squeeze himself between the pillar and the pole, he's also got to pop high enough to clear the railing. Props!

Frank Stephens Thread Gif

Franklin Stephens threading himself between tree and wall, and throwing a banging back three to seal the deal.

Bryce Mandel Thread Gif

Bryce Mandel knocks out a precision kickflip between some well maintained shrubbery.

Alex Olson Thread Gif

Alex Olson innovating with this hippie jump thread the needle hybrid. Don't want to be catching your feet that high in the air...

Grant Taylor Thread Gif

A GIF that quite nicely sums up Grant Taylor's skateboarding, precision at high speed!

John Motta Thread Gif

John Motta continuing the arboreal theme vaulting from ditch to car park in his A Happy Medium 3 section.

Clint Walker Thread Gif

Clint Walker essentially has to have his arms by his sides to make it through this tight space, oh and he does it in a line too.

Dolan Stearns Thread Gif

The final of our trio of trees. Dolan Steans with a motorcycle assisted leap at a spot few would even look at in the first place.

Tristan Rennie Thread Gif

Switching it up a bit with Tristan Rennie's frontside air between slide and what appears to be a log.