DannyW2 10 of the best ollies

According to the Guiness Book of World Records the current 'official' highest ollie belongs to a guy called Aldrin Garcia who cleared 45 inches (114.3 cm) back in 2011. This post, however, isn't really about that.

Sure it features Danny Wainwright who previously held the record at 44.5 inches, but really what we're focusing on here is style. So, sorry Jaws fans, whilst stunts like this are unquestionably fucked, they won't be included here.

As ever, this isn't meant as a definitive list, more a selection of some favourites.  We've left out some big names when it comes to big ollies, Andrew Brophy and Luis Tolentino for example. Whilst we're on the subject of Luis Tolentino, shoutout that time he ollied a cow.

When it comes to ollies Jeremy Wray could probably have a post to himself, after a bit of deliberation we opted for this seminal clip from 411VM.

In terms of challenging Jeremy Wray's water tower ollie for sheer gnarliness factor this from Koki Loaiza comes pretty close. Especially when find out the New York subway contact rail requires 625 volts for operating trains.

This ollie from Emmanuel Guzman might not tick all the style boxes for everyone, but for sheer gnarliness/stupidity it's unrivaled.

Oscar the G AKA Oscar Rambao over both benches at Paral-lel, and it's not even the best thing he's done there.

One of the Big Apple's finest exports Keith Hufnagel combines quick feet and his trademark pop for this one.

Power and style define Danny Wainwright's skateboarding as his ridiculous pop demonstrates. Head over to Sidewalk for their Danny Wainwright Footage Feast for more.

A man who'd be in plenty of people's most stylish list, Reese Forbes the wrong way over the Besos spot in Barcelona.

Chris Pfanner is another man who could have a whole post dedicated to his ollies, this one from his Anti Hero pro section is too rad.

We orginally wanted to include Brandon's ollie from 'Stay Gold', the one where he essentially ollies the length of a house. Unfortunately that section doesn't appear to be online, fortunately for us it's just one of many so here's three in a row from his 'Made' section.

Founder of Unabomber Skateboards, UK legend and possessor of huge pop. Ladies and gentleman, Harry Bastard.