10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

Words: Jason Caines

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The Game - Celebration ft. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne

On a first watch, this video featuring The Game, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Wiz and Chris Brown at a surreal skatepark cookout with Street League pro's Paul Rodriguez, Shane O'Neill, Nyjah Houston - and a load of hip-hop dancers seems decent.

But it gets weirder when you take a second look. The video has a really strange feeling of a cultural mismatch, like the first time you watched the American Office - all the right people are there but there's something not quite right.

The reason this bling filled video feels this way is because it puts some sick, talented street skaters in a generic skatepark. It could have been way better.

If the video was done properly it would be made in the streets starring Stevie Williams doing stuff like this but they missed that train.

For further proof just check The Game in the video. He's wearing a DGK shirt but there aren't any skaters who ride for DGK in the video, I think someone needed to do more research. Shiiiit!

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

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Jaden Smith - Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)

As the son of Will 'Big Willy Style' Smith, Jaden could have probably done anything he wanted in acting, music or film. However he decided to become a skater-rapper in the vein of Pharrell and Lil Wayne. How pleasant.

Its a shame that in this line of work, having no attention to detail, cringe trick name drops mid song, and  wacky dress sense seem to be a prerequisite. Leave the skin tight leopard pant alone!

This is all going on as Jaden takes a seat and ignores the skaters who are doing tricks, directly behind his head. Let me give you some advice Jaden. If you sit around at the skatepark not looking about where people are, you could get seriously hurt.

Don't rap on top of stairs that people are skating!

Also the lyrics are just awful. Skateboarding is not just about the shoes or clothes that you buy, or the girls you get with at the skatepark and “pass out on the half pipe with", its about skateboarding.

Finally the skateboarding. The way skating is portrayed in this video is like a circus. So many bad cuts, I don't think you see anyone roll up, land or roll away from anything. Another missed opportunity.

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

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Flo Rida - Let It Roll

This leads us on nicely to Flo Rida's Let it Roll. The editing on this Flo Rida video really sucks, they don't show one completed trick and it ends up looking more like an edit made for someone with a three second attention span.

From a skaters perspective, this video is a disengaging and trippy experience. Its like the  frustrated feeling you get of being trapped at a big festival trying to watch someone skate a mini ramp whilst stood next to the loudest speaker in the place, and because there's so many people in front you can't see anything anyway.

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

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Lil Wayne Skate Video

This early clip of Lil Wayne's skateboarding adventures sees him roll around his private park - which is filled with a harem of sexy big booty girls, twerking about on the ramps as he does the most stinking rock fakies and 5-0 grinds in recent memory.

The moment of truth comes when Weezy does a tail stall in between his big booty girl harem - throwing out dollar bills, the big booty girls twerk accordingly. This kind of stuff in hip hop videos is pretty typical, its a bit of fun, no problems.

As Weezy rides up the quarter towards the girls, he plants a tail stall for about two seconds before he loses balance and is forced to put his foot on the deck. At this point you realise Lil Wayne can't even do a simple tail stall. Kinda embarrassing that he put footage out before he learnt how to skate properly

Strangely, the edit blurs out all the girls faces, are they hiding from the shame of twerking for a man who rides a board even worse than this 2 year old? I'll leave that up to you.

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

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Sum 41 – Fat Lip

In this awkward video, filmed in what appears to be a post apocalyptic red neck wasteland, a ramp in the middle of a rave is skated by some and abused by all.

The skateboarding in the video seems shoved in to legitimise the non-conformist rebellious teenage lyrics bellowed out by the lead singer.

Just to confirm I'm not a “conformist" either, but boardsliding the world's smallest flat bar with a live firework going off in your hand only to see your death defying stunt be clipped halfway through in the editing process must have been a bummer.

I think this video was just made for a teen audience and that's cool, but that doesn't mean you have to make the skateboarding you show accessible for  just the 5 and overs! These guys should have stepped it up and got some real pro's onboard, like guys from Anti Hero, Consolidated or Zero or something but seems they just grabbed some guys who are pretty new to skating and just threw them in the vid.

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

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Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push

Lupe Fiasco's tune, Kick Push, is a seriously smooth song, its such a slick, pumping street anthem. Sadly the song's lyrics sorely miss the point of modern skateboarding.

The song is an autobiographical account of the tough experiences felt between a male and female skater in the ghetto trying to start a relationship.

Lupe's lyrics about skater's being on the illegal and legal grind are on point and its a good attempt to identify with a lot of skaters, so don't get me wrong its not a bad tune.

However, the point the song misses is that skaters are no longer viewed by society as hoodlums in this way. When this song was released, skaters were working as Hollywood actors, artists, musicians and the faces of nutritious diet campaigns.

Skating is no longer seen as vandalism or crime but artistic expression or athleticism or whatever. Kick Push upholds the stereotypes that most skaters are hoodlums up to no good, which is so far from the truth, sorry Lupe but you're tune was a bit out of date at time of release and its not ageing gracefully.

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

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Lost Prophets - Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja

The most positive thing about the skating in this music video is that there isn't actually much skating in it! There are only a few, wacky, car park hill bomb shots, heightening that cringe factor which is now of course mandatory when viewing a Lost Prophets video.

There were probably legions of young kids who watched this video all those years ago and felt inspired by that mosher ollie out of that second floor window who, with no prior experience of skating, would have gone on to completely wreck themselves. Not everyone is Jaws!

This video has probably ruined the summer plans of hundreds of kids out there who took their supermarket set-ups to the streets and jumped off a roof and into a whole new world of pain.

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

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The Pack – Vans

Although The Pack's song Vans is about Vans skate shoes, the functional use of the shoes, i.e. skateboarding, is almost completely banished to the background of this video.

This song and video is not about skating but purely about skate fashion. Every skate clip is chopped before its natural end and is suffocated by shots of dudes in fresh clothes and phat chains. This video and this group were not really about skateboarding - they were about garms, grills and girls.

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

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Pharrell feat Jay.Z – Frontin'

Pharrel's Frontin video features perhaps the worst mini ramp of all time! It looks like the first mini that was made in the 70s or whenever.

This mini ramp looks like it could have been made by a surrealist artist who aimed to bend your conception of what a mini ramp should actually be. Whilst I don't think the set designer was attempting this, they've succeeded and should be applauded for their unconscious efforts.

Its just a pity that this deck-less, wooden oddity has ended up being lounging space for Pharrel and his New York Loft House posse mates to sit upon and chat breeze.

10 Music Videos That Insult Skateboarding

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Avril Lavigne - Sk8r Boi

Ever since Avril Lavigne entered the mainstream world of pop punk in the early 00s with her song Sk8r Boi,  one single reductive contribution to skateboarding that has seemingly stood the test of time. This song was used against skateboarders as a throwaway insult since it hit  the airwaves and flew off record store shelves.

In the video itself skaters feebly push down streets and corridors amidst some seriously trite anarchist iconography. You realise the only anarchy she'd ever experienced was escaping the hordes of horny young emo boys who wanted to know what was inside her chain wallet.

Speaking of clothes, I wish someone could have shown Avril a few skate videos. That baggy clothes comment is just another stupid stereotype of skating, Skaters wear a whole range of different clothes and fits - the last thing we needed was to be placed into a big baggy box.

Avril should have tried to skate and maybe she would have garnered some respect from the skate community. She's definitely no sk8r girl, like Elissa Steamer – Avril, I wish I had more hands, so I could give this tune four thumbs down.