Starting off with Roma Alimov's fittingly titled Skate Near Death edit. The premise being Roma putting himself in some stupidly gnarly situations whilst on his skateboard before being shot.

Not one to shy away from danger - Andy Roy blunt fakies a long way above ground level in Consolidated Skateboards' video, Number 1.

Devin Apello's Hesh Law part is largely made up of tricks on really gnarly or unskateabale obstacles. This 50-50 ends the section in style, just check the drop on the other side!

This ridiculous roof top drop in appears as a guest trick in Geoff Rowley's Extremely Sorry section. Imagine standing up there knowing one bad speed wobble could throw you off the side of the building!

A legendary trick from Jeremy Wray. Can't imagine many people having the guts to run and jump the gap let alone attempting to ollie over it.

No stranger to getting gnarly, Clint Walker nollie heels into a bank surrounded by what is probably best describe as an abyss.

We couldn't really leave this one out, could we? Joe Valdez wall to wall at the China Banks. Brave or stupid, you can decide, but unarguably legendary!

There's plenty of Rowley clips that we could have included here, the shipping container transfer that follows Jimmy Boyes drop-in being just one that springs to mind. We opted for this 50-50 from Propeller, highlighting just how gnarly Geoff still is.

An iconic clip, at an iconic Philly spot, from a Philly legend. Ricky Oyola leaps from Love Park to the street - fearlessly/stupidly into oncoming traffic, raising his middle finger in a defiant salute to the unwitting motorists.

Ending in style, a whole section of anxiety infused viewing from Colin Read's opus, Tengu: God of Mischief. Also shout out to Koki Loaiza's death defying subway ollie from the same video.