1. Steve Berra

Steve Berra is a bit of an anomaly within the skate world. Starting his career as a vert pro, he transitioned (pun intended) into jumping off and down big stuff in the streets. He was later plagued by injuries and was smart enough to start "The Berrics" as one half of a partnership with Eric Koston, with Berra focusing quite a lot on the business side of things. He's secured his place in skating by making one of the most popular/well known skatepark's (and its accompanying website) in the world. However in between all this skate-stuff, he dabbled in acting. Starring in a few films, but mostly TV acting, he's done a fair bit. However the pure unintentional comedy in this hilarious scene from TV series "Felicity" (1999), became a bit of an internet sensation when it was dredged up from the past.

2. Jason Lee

Jason Lee is definitely the most successful actor out of this list. After being in one of the most influential skate videos of all time: Blind's "Video Days" and doing his own company with Chris Pastras called Stereo - which focused on powerful, more stylish and less technical skating than what was going on at the time - it's a bit strange that he didn't continue to pursue professional skating. However he's appeared in many really good films and TV shows, so he knew what he was doing. His first proper role was in cult-comedy "Mallrats" in 1995 as a main character. Following this success he made several appearances in the indie film scene, like "Chasing Amy", "Dogma" and later "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". However he was beginning to make a name for himself on the mainstream circuit with "Kissing a Fool" (1998) and "Vanilla Sky" (2001). But perhaps his best known role (besides voicing  Syndrome in "The Incredibles") is being Earl from cult hit comedy TV series "My name is Earl". Although there's plenty of other things he's appeared in and he's a great actor, I still think his "A Visual Sound" part is the best thing he's done:

3. Harold Hunter

Harmony Korine and Larry Clark's film "Kids" (1995) was a cult hit that depicted the lives of teenagers in New York and the devastating effect AIDS had on the lives of young and vagrant street kids. Most of the boys in the film are skaters - featuring the likes of Harold Hunter, Justin Pierce, Billy Valdez, Javier Nunez, Jeff Pang, Peter Bici and more - the film's depiction of skaters was not hugely well received by the skate world. The scene below, where they brutally beat a man unconscious, was highly controversial; many skaters thought it only painted a worse picture of the culture than it already had. However things like this did occur and although the film is a heightened version of reality, it contains a gritty realism that won it recognition. Although there's not much skating in there, as a skater, it's interesting to watch some NY legends appear in the film.

4. Javier Nunez

As the previous entry will tell you Javier Nunez made an appearance in the cult classic "Kids", he wasn't even a teenager yet and in the film it's quite funny to see him smoking weed at such a young age. However this aside (and his skate careers for Zoo York and City Stars) Javier pursued acting alongside his skating. Featuring in the films "R-Xmas" and "Prison Song" in 2001 and in a few episodes of HBO show "How To Make It In America" in 2010. He showed that he could still work the magic on the small screen as a bi-polar pro-skater character. Here's a funny clip that HBO put together, with skaters you'll recognise talking about his character 'Wilfredo Gomez'.

5. Fabian Alomar

Fabian Alomar, a friend of Javier Nunez, skating through the same circles and affiliated with Kareem Campbell, has also tried his hand at acting. As discussed in the fifth Menace Epicly Later'd episode which focuses on Fabian, he's had a hard life: brought up in an area rife with gang violence, having served time and dealt with drug addiction, skateboarding has definitely provided him with an escape from that. However acting has also provided him with a similar escape too, and with much lower risks of getting fines. Most of his roles seem to have been typecast from his personal background - acting as a gang member. Perhaps not ideal, it's a much better alternative than being a real one. He's featured in a few TV series' and films but here we've chosen a clip from an interesting series called "Goldilocks" that was shot entirely on iPhone's.

6. Spike Jonze

And lastly we have Spike Jonze. Although he's never been a sponsored skater (or primarily an actor), his filmmaking skills have brought us some of the greatest and most revered skate videos of all time, such as "Rubbish Heap" and "Video Days". Not only that but he has stayed within skateboarding as his career as a filmmaker for the big screen has ballooned. He's written, directed, produced and starred in a lot of fantastic films such as : "Being John Malkovich" (1999), "Adaptation" (2002) and most recently "Her" in 2013. As one of the co-founders of Girl skateboards, his influence over the company's output has been massive and he's been involved with every production that Crailtap have put out. Here we've chosen to include the trailer for his latest film called "Her".

Bonus: The Awkward Skate Acting Megamix

A little mix of some awkward scenes featuring Mike Vallely, Chad Muska, Willy Santos, Stacy Peralta, Chad Fernandez, Eddie Reategui, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler and Steve Berra