Twitter recently announced that it's video sharing platform, Vine, will be closing. With this in mind we thought we'd have a dig through Vine's vast archives and pull out some of the funniest skateboarding posts. Whilst Vine has never enjoyed the same popularity within skateboarding circles as Instagram, there's still a wealth of great videos out there. Scroll down to enjoy a whole load of funny skateboarding Vines.

1) Classic...

2) Curb enthusiasm

3) #EpicFail

4) Definite make

5) Ben Kadow greatest hits

6) Swear this type of guy is everywhere

7) No security-ing

8) When you invite skaters to your party

9) When you really want a swim

10) Ouch...

11) Of course there's a vine of this

12) Serves you right

13) He's in a better place now

14) Looping out

15) Stinkin'

16) Reworking a classic

17) King of Pop

18) Deez nuts

19) Lol

20) Never listen to anyone who mall grabs

21) He did it...

22) That scream

23) I guess he did bomb drop

24) Don't stand with your back to the bowl

25) When the worst thing that could happen happens

26) All fall down

27) Brutal

28) How to save money on dentist bills

29) It wouldn't be social media without a skateboarding dog