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Having a successful career in skateboarding is all about creating and maintaining a marketable public image. This can be achieved through a number of ways, such as exercising strict quality control on your footage, associating with the right people, coming across as a likeable and interesting human being or being handsome and chain smoking. You would have thought that once you've mastered the hard part of actually getting good at skateboarding and building a reputation around that, all you have to avoid is letting slip your darkest secret or most offensive opinion in a global interview and you're set for life. The skateboarders in this list seem to struggle more with controlling their mouth than front blunting handrails, and some of the things said are pretty outrageous. However, the skateboarding industry is a fickle mistress, and whilst some of these guys pulled through unscathed, others have since been thrown in the sponsorship bargain bin for the remainder of their career.


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For a young Corey Duffel in the early stages of a skateboarding career, it was not a particularly wise career move to publicly call out the legendary Stevie Williams as a “trashy nigger", nor discuss stabbing 'faggots" in an interview.

“That's the only time she has ever felt like a lesbian. He was like some trashy nigger like Stevie Williams, like gold fronts, like sketchy and had a pistol in his pocket."

The Duffman was promptly dropped by all of his sponsors, leaving him in career purgatory with nothing to wear but clothes from his sister's fancy dress box. Whether you believe Corey should still be held accountable for what he said over a decade ago, or whether you think any 17 year old would struggle to survive an interview with Chris Nieratko, I think we can all agree that a lifetime stretch on Osiris is punishment enough for any man.

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“Skateboarding is not for girls at all."

An easy response would be that skateboarding is not for kids with skate-dad sports coaches, diet plans and training routines, but this would be making the same mistake that Nyjah made in thinking that anyone can decide what anyone else should be allowed to do, particularly when it comes to skateboarding. I doubt that his comments actually put anybody off skateboarding, and instead just reinforced how out of touch he is with actual skateboarders of either gender. Lets hope we have a female SOTY before he gets it.

chase final
chase final

This was before he was lured to the set of the Weekend Buzz by cunning industry personalities Rob Brink and Erica Yary. The brave duo unmasked the predator in the studio, where they proceeded to interrogate him. He refused to answer the majority of their questions, as the truthful answers would  undoubtedly ruin his reputation, but he was happy to admit to sodomising other children with a screwdriver in the golden days of his youth:

“I don't know if I can get into that one...

Oh, basically, when we were growing up we thought it'd be--we thought it'd be funny to tie our neighbours down and shove screwdrivers up their asses and sodomize 'em."

Mr Gabor's heinous admission to being an aggravated sex offender who had thus far avoided conviction resulted in a series of dramatic ramifications in the weeks following the interview, including being awarded a pro model board by Element Skateboards and being allowed to continue to film Curren Caples alone after hours with the lights dimmed.

Sign it.


Click on the image to read the full interview.Andy Roy is a perfect example of how as long as you roll with the right crew, you can leave the pro ranks, spend a few years doing whatever you want, and still be welcomed by the skateboarding industry on your return. In Andy Roy's case “doing what you want" can be vaguely summarised by prison rape, intentional spreading of herpes and stabbing people that piss you off:

“Oh, the Snuggle Bandit! Well check it out. I’m horny, I don’t got no shame in my game, you know? And, uh, when they jump in the shower and they come back to the bed. I’ll be on their bed, and I’ll just kick back on their bed and go, “Hey, come on, lets hang out." And they’ll lay down, and I’ll corrupt their minds, manipulate them. `cause I’m a good manipulator. And then I’ll vandalize their bottoms. There’s a variety. There’s bubble butts, some with flat asses—“

Variety is the spice of life...


As a devoted scientologist, Steve Berra possesses a natural instinct for sensing when something doesn't quite make sense.  Here he seems to have concluded that because Nyjah gets the most votes in Berrics competitions, the same must be true over at Thrasher and Transworld, and thus the results must have been doctored. Perhaps it has something to do with the majority of Berrics users being energy drinking, street leaguing pre-teens and Transworld users actually having a clue about skateboarding. Either way, the saviour of skateboarding is getting a bit old to get so worked up over an online popularity contest, and should probably get back to his dianetics.

pops final
pops final

Click on Alex Klein's switch back noseblunt to read the full interview.For a while, Slap's “One in a Million" series was a rare example of a skateboarding show that worked. The reason for it's success was primarily down to the fact that it was 80% great quality skating and 20% getting to know the personalities involved, a ratio that prioritised skateboarding over unnecessary bullshit. Forrest Edwards' arrival propelled the the show to new heights of popularity, and his raw talent, moody demeanour, and role as a borderline autistic quote machine defined the show, making it impossible for the next series to live up to what had come before.

Alex Klein took the helm for the new series and proceeded to ruin everything it had ever been. The skate-heavy content was gone, replaced by MTV-style reality drama, ridiculous challenges and overly harsh judges, resulting in the show being abandoned halfway through. Klein couldn't handle the criticism and shifted the burden of blame onto everyone else involved, going as far as to pretend the whole thing had been an intelligent satire that nobody understood:

“For me the entire “reality show" aspect of the contest—judging, board breaking, sad music as the skater walks to the exit– was a parody of American TV culture and not to be taken seriously."

Nice try.


Blatant disregard for the Divide Own Age By 2 And Add 7 minimum age guideline. Shameless behaviour from the EMB aficionado.

What else do you do besides skate?

I like to touch girls; I like to touch my girlfriend. She has soft skin.

You got one?

A girl? Molly O’Griffin. She’s 15, and I’m 22.


What do you plan for the future?

Skating. Do it to the point where I can retire off it, then be a pastor and see where God takes me. I’ll be moving out to Atlanta, Georgia, soon. When we get married we’ll move into a house I have down there, so it’ll be ready for us in February. Get married, open my church down there..? I don’t know...

This one isn't so much one of the worst things said in an interview as one of the most inaccurate life predictions imaginable. Swag. God didn't turn J Rog into a pastor, he turned him into J.Casanova. Swag. He never got married, he fucked a thousand bitches. Swag. He didn't go to Georgia, he went to the roof, ate some hallucinogens, took off his clothes and got arrested. Swag.


“To be a cool girlfriend, pay attention to what’s going on. My friends are very drama-free, we’re spontaneous and just living off the cuff. We do everything at random. We’ll have plans for one day, that day comes up, and we’ll completely change them. Relationships are about having fun, just going day to day not know what’s gonna happen. You gotta be down to ride"

Who actually wrote these words? Was it Shecks himself, distractedly dictating between tries as he rattles off tricks down a ten stair for an Oakley commercial? Surely when your name is stamped across your back, it becomes more important that said name is not attached to anything as hideously embarrassing as this article. How big is the budget at Seventeen Magazine to make it worthwhile for a multi-millionaire to further depreciate their reputation in an industry where it is so important?

Has he found a chill girl yet? Was it because of this article? Is a daily routine of corporate video shoots and airline schedules really so spontaneous? Will the Plan B video ever come out? We need answers.