Whether you think the SLAP forum is the last bastion of core skateboarding values or an online meeting point for people who haven't touched a skateboard since 2003, it's undeniable that it gives rise to some funny stuff happening. In between pondering the specifics of wallride angles and keeping up to date with momentous bolt sponsorship deals, the good citizens of SLAP keep themselves entertained by photoshopping the various hipsters and jocks that make up the industry into any number of compromising positions. Words cannot do justice to some of these creations, so enjoy and click the links to the forum to see more. Thanks SLAP! (Click on the OG images for the full thread).


Fucking Awesome? Faux Artistry? Fash Arsehole? Whatever you think of Jason and his recent business ventures, all will be forgiven when you see the shapes on this back 3. The pals clearly thought it was destined for bigger things...


AVE's body language on this curved feeble is so relaxed that the pals decided to depict him in a number of other leisure pursuits. It works, but somehow the original still looks just as photoshopped as the rest of them.


Nyjah left his phone unlocked at Tampa and some snooper found this photo of our young starlet in what appears to be Jamie Thomas's bedroom.


Screw the 900, the trick we will remember the Birdman for is this child swinging frontside kickturn.


Greco looked a bit Nancy Drew in the middle of this questionable combo so the pals decided to photoshop him into a number of dainty situations.


The original photo wasn't real in the first place but whatever. I think the winner here is  Chase Gabor's wet dream screwdriver pit. Inspired.


If J Cas had actually used any of these graphics he might have even sold some boards. Anyone ever seen a Selfish board in the flesh?


Forget the fruit boots, is that Xenu??


NSFW but YOLO:,com_jfusion/Itemid,4/index.php?topic=68530.0


The only situation here is how Mike is going to find time to skate in the midst of his hectic GTL regime. Ed Hardy Jeans predicted to take over from ankle swingers in early 2015.

Most of the OG files got deleted but you'll get the gist of it...