This is the obvious choice that springs to mind when it comes to skating in the rain. Kyle Leeper and Mike Manzoori teamed together to produce this outstanding video part for Etnies a few years ago. I remember that they filmed it because it had been raining for a solid week or so, something non-Californians are pretty used to. So rather than sitting about lamenting, the pair came through with this amazingly well shot and skated part. Leeper looks like he's surfing when he skates anyway, the rain just exemplifies this. Loads of cool skids and lines, this makes you want to go and trash your board on the streets when it's pissing it down.

The ending tricks in Ronnie Creager's appearance in the Blind section of "Rodney Mullen vs Daewon Song" (1997) are nuts. Who would think of trying to switch hardflip a double set in the rain, let alone going an pulling it off with a stomped bolts landing. Ronnie does some serious ripping in the section anyway, but what he manages to achieve in the rain (proper rain, not slightly soggy) is ridiculous, most people couldn't do this in the dry.

Watch the rest of Creager's Rodney VS Daewon part HERE.


Not too sure how it happened but basically this Phil Zwijsen clip (possibly the gnarliest rain skating clip there is) somehow slipped through the cracks when we first published this list. Luckily for you our favourite Belgian photographer DVL pays very close attention to what we post and it wasn't long before I received an email about the omission! Cheers Davy!

This one made our list of gnarly hill bombs a few weeks ago, but it also qualifies for some of the gnarliest things ever accomplished on a skateboard in the rain. I still don't get how he managed to push full pelt down the first hill, not least because his shoes don't slip on the floor. You can bet he felt amazing doing this, the dudes watching/filming in the car seemed rather impressed too.

Watch the rest of Anti-Hero's Fucktards HERE.

Dennis Busenitz is one of the greatest skaters to have ever lived. His speed and control are unmatched and his savage, animalistic push is always entertaining. This ledge is pretty gnarly, tall, long and with interfering grass, I'm sure it's a tough one in the dry. You can see Dennis getting thrown about on it as he decides to fs boardslide its entirety. A slip and a slide later and he's at the end. Nutter.

This is a pretty cool one and embodies what you'd normally expect when skating in the rain: loads of slams, sodden clothes, massive puddles and just general discomfort. Featuring Bill Pepper, Kris Markovich and Natas Kaupas, these dudes catch some lofty airs over a sopping wet skatepark hip, with a rollout that's about 3 inches deep of water. Personally I would have left it and gone for a beer.

This one has to be in here. No question, one of the gnarliest things done in the rain. Not only was doing a backlip down a rail of this size unheard of at the time, doing it so well and in the rain seriously shook stuff up. The fact he did it twice for the camera is just stupid too. Seriously impressive stuff, as is his whole section from Plan B's "Questionable" video from 1992.

"Mark Gonzales' legendary section in Real's second video "Non-Fiction" (1997) is nearly ten minutes long and is filled with the artistic expression that he embodies on and off his board through it all. However around halfway through, there's a bit of footage of him skating around in the rain. Hitting ledges and swerving around with the style he's well known for, we couldn't leave this one out. Props for the foot grind too.

Watch the rest of Gonz's Non Fiction part HERE


Although an obvious choice and an unsuccessful attempt, this famous clip is just too gnarly not to include. The size of the thing in the first place - 26 stairs in total - puts it up there with one of the biggest things ever attempted to be ollied down. This guy thought he might as well give it a go in the rain, whether the same outcome would have happened despite the weather (terrible pun) is probably a yes. He eats the concrete.

Phil Zwijsen making a splash with, Waterproof.