Yeah I know another listlicle... But who doesn't enjoy a good mosher drop? It's probably the only type of skateboard manoeuvre that's entertaining regardless of if it's landed or not. You don't beleive me? At least watch this one. 

The story behind this one is almost as good as the clip itself.

Here it is (in Jimmy Boyes own words):

"That roof ride was challenging. I first saw the spot on a page ripped out of a BMX mag that Geoff had lying around in Huntington Beach one day; it was a photo of a guy going off a roof into that bank on a BMX.

Geoff didn't know where the hell it was but we soon discovered that it was on the Queen Mary (the boat) because of a structure in the background in the photograph. Within a few days we just punked it, arriving there on a busy Friday afternoon, tourists everywhere - fuck it. I remember I had to ninja climb out of a window really quickly whilst travelling up a moving escalator to get to the spot - which was way sketchy to get to (laughs)! And then, whilst trying the drop in straight away, I remember I had to blank out the surrounding height and the security that were shouting at me to get down before I rode out of it.

I slammed three times before the ride out. The ride out seemed wild at the first few goes from when I made contact to the flat bottom of the roof because it was like trying to ride out on a soft lead protective roof surface! I remember after those first few commando role outs thinking - “if only this fucker was wood or concrete then it would be easier and we would be soon outta here"! But I remember having to think - “if I'm making this, I have to 'charge it ' and stand up straight as soon as I hit the flat"!

The ride out felt like I four wheel slid for the first twelve feet from hitting the flat of the roof. Immediately after I rode out I had to make a run for it as at least five of the Queen Mary's security guards were coming at me from all directions. At that point Geoff had fled the scene and was really far away...

I didn't have my money or phone with me to contact him after I made my getaway, so I just skated all the way back to Huntington Beach to Geoff’s house with a massive hipper and a lacerated imprint of what looked like a side angle of a human skull on my hip (laughs).

Check the pic. I remember feeling stoked I did it whilst pushing those fifteen miles from Long Beach to Huntington Beach though :-)"

Also a good excuse to repost this bad boy:

This clip of Rob Smith trying to conquer the Hurworth quarter (posted by Sidewalk a few weeks ago) is the whole reason why we decided to put together this listicle in the first place. Definitely one of the most retarded things ever attempted on a skateboard.


Nolan Johnson is a beast

This one's a classic

It's easy to forget that pre-Jackass Bam was actually pretty sick. Obviously this last drop in from his Jump Off A Building part is our main focus here (although the 0:32 one was good contender) but we highly recommend you watch the whole part. Dude had one of the best switch back tails in the game back then...  To think he turned into this.

Another one of Sidewalk's gems. The build up to this one is epic...

This guy and Joe Valdez (AKA the Skinny Ledge Master) moved from New Mexico to SF in the mid-nineties and blew everyone's mind by putting their life on the line (literally) for clips like this. If you've never heard of them make sure you watch the whole edit. It's like 12 minutes of Boulala's gnarliest shit but without the stupid outfits.

Grinds the ledge twice on the way down, hits a cone and still rolls away

The footage of this one is impressive granted, but the only way to get a real sense of how mad it is is to go to South Bank and see it with your own eyes. Ollying out out that tiny kink at that speed is suicide.