Seeing Tom Knox’s epic finals run at the London Am got us thinking about the classic competition moments of all time.  We’re not just talking about the best runs. We’re talking the iconic, surprising and sometimes just bizarre shit that happens when a load of skateboarders converge for a contest.

There are tonnes of moments to choose from. Throw a bunch of skateboarders together, each fuelled by something different (beer/prize money/respect/ mental illness/arrogance / sometimes even disdain for the event) and the result is never predictable. That’s the beauty of what we do.

So in eager anticipation of the Berlin Open (11th, 12th and 13th of July) we'd like to share with you 10 comp skating moments that have marked skateboarding history! Or that we at least find really amusing...

To anyone who says contests make skateboarding look repetitive and boring my answer is this: watch Dennis Busenitz's winning run at Tampa Pro 2011.  This shit is untouchable. An absolute showcase of speed, consistency and ATV ability, this single line in an indoor park is better than half of the street parts put out each year.

Neil Blender demonstrates how to correctly skate a contest in this vintage run. A man for us all to aspire to.

This is classic Penny; alpha body language, no rush, seemingly unaware of the crowd and amazing style. Yes saaahn.

I always thought Tony missed a great opportunity to really make the 900 his by calling it the Spin Doctor or the Hawknado or something like that. This used to be more of a classic moment, but he has now been outdone by 9 year olds on steroids.

I bet this pissed off the sweaty vert guys. Cards steals their thunder and lays it down.

For such a creative soul, the Gonz demonstrates a mean mortal kombat kick to Pat Duffy's face in this midair meat slap. Say that ten times quickly.

Fabio Sleiman clearly got a little carried away by the atmosphere at the Prague Mystic Cup and decided to find the highest obstacle he could and commit suicide off it. You would have thought someone might suggest a helmet for this one.

Some people are too stupid to reproduce. This fatty to flatty to penis smash is a prime example of evolution in action.

It looks like Marius needs to watch that firecracker trick tip once more...

After you watch Brian Wenning's foreshadowing of his own future as he ceases to be able to skateboard, make sure you go back to the beginning of video and watch the whole thing religiously. It's officially THE BEST VIDEO EVER.

Huge handrails into huge flatbanks and a heavily “medicated" pro with anger issues and bank-robber headgear? God bless Sean Sheffey.

The Nass street course has never looked particularly “street" to me. Stu Graham attempts to add some authenticity to the ambience by laying a log in the faux flowerbed.