The idea for this one came from Francis Showerface's comment on Tiago Lemos in the latest instalment of PWBC news: "he be skating like Enrique Lorenzo on high grade steroids". Not only is the Enrique comparison bang on, but the steroids joke pretty much applies to every Brazilian who blew up in the States. They do just pop higher, slide further and take those few extra pushes that get you wondering what the fuck they are on.

Some will say it's because they are just a lot hungrier for it, others are convinced that it has more to do with the hours spent on crusty spots under the blazing sun (it's probably a bit of both). Either way it's always a pleasure to watch so we thought we'd give you 10 examples of the phenomenon that have particularly stood out to us over the last few years.

Although Menikmati was Rodrigo's first major section, his surprise ender in The Firm's "Can't Stop" was probably the first one to show the true extent of the Sao Paolo local's talent. Dude was switch flip back noseblunting picnic tables 10 years ago and has basically been in a league of his own ever since.

Hosting Alex Carolino's first major part was definitely one of the things that made the Lordz's early 2000's release "They Don't Give A Fuck About Us" such a classic. Everything from knee high nollie varial flips to the custom made IV My People beat was perfect. Sucks that he seems to be plagued with shitty board sponsors because it's getting harder and harder to see footage from him even though he clearly hasn't slowed down one bit.

Some of the tricks in this one will probably make your brain hurt a little but there was no way I could leave it out. He's such a perfect example of the unknown Brazilian that comes to Cali for a few months and takes out every American pro, on all the classic spots. Plus he's switch flip back tailing ledges most of us will probably never be able to fifty. Shame his board sponsor situation seems to be rapidly deteriorating (from Chocolate to Plan B to Primitive)...

With one of the best varial flips in the game, an amazing flow and dreads so heavy most of us would barely be able to move, Adelmo footage has always been a treat. Also who else would manage to stay positive in a situation like this one?

This guy surfaced at about the same time as Tiago Lemos and his Thrasher part pretty much had the same effect on people as THE switch back tail. Switch front smith on a kinked rail?!

If I was to decide which Rodrigo Petersen section to pick by solely basing myself on the skating it would have been virtually impossible as he's always been an absolute G. So instead I just went for the easy solution and chose the one with the best quality, which funnily enough happens to have been uploaded by Danny Cerezini, another Brazilian legend who didn't make it in this list but definitely deserves a mention!

All the skaters in this this list are pretty G'd out but let's face it, they ain't got nothing on Dwayne! Dude was so DGK that he was banned from the states and still managed to get one of the best parts in Parental Advisory. He's also notorious for rocking Circa's so fresh they've still got the tags hanging off of them...

With all of his recent Grand Cayon base jump antics it's easy to forget how legit Bob Burnquist was back in his Anti-Hero Days. Has anyone backside noseblunt slid a vert ramp since?

We thought it would make sense to end things on Rodrigo's incredible section in Shorty's How To Go Pro (*for another company) as a reminder of how much harder it still is for someone who isn't from California to make it in skateboarding.

As it's the case for a few of the guys in this list, a breakthrough part got the whole industry thinking he was going to be the next big thing, only to be almost completely forgotten a couple of years later.

The main reasons in this case being that the company that turned him pro stopped producing boards right after releasing a video entitled "How to Go Pro" (how ironic), leaving the whole team sponsorless. Being forced to go back to Brazil for personal reasons just after finding a new home with DGK obviously didn't help either...