Want to win one of the amazing Jon Horner boards featured in the video? Easy! All you need to do is scroll down, look at the full poster and recognise some of the famous skateboarders stated below! Leave your answers in the comments section at the bottom of the page and remember that each bullet point is worth a board.

    • Name the two Cliché ams that you can see sliding tricks down Lyon's famous hubba (top right hand corner).
    • Name 5 of the ex-Cliché pros hidden in the mix.
    • Name 10 of the famous pros that don't ride for Cliché.
    • Name 3 of the board company owners.
    • Name 3 of the filmers or 3 of the photographers.
    • Name all the current Cliché riders you can find in this poster.

Click on the poster to enlarge it.