Vans' recap:

"The weekend could have started any better: notorious bowl shredders and skate rats came together on the sunniest day in weeks, to challenge motivated young guns. No educated guess needed that this much anticipated get-together at the hand-shaped DIY Bowl was a perfect kick-off for another round of Vans’ Shop Riot!

Shop Teams from all over Germany and the deepest corners of Austria made their journey to the Skaters Palace for their chance to win 2.000 Euro cash and secure their ticket to the European Shop Riot Finals in Belgium. Team Münster deservedly took the crown after some demanding qualification rounds and even harder finals against the great teams of Mantis, TX Sports and Fame Vienna.

Early on Saturday afternoon you could spot the first teams arriving to check out the location and to have some beers & BBQ and enjoy the summer's day. The tricky DIY bowl demanded the skaters full attention and took its share of skin, too, as a few knocks and scrapes were dealt out during the “cash for tricks" sessions for “best trick" and “best line". Add some quality Death Metal and you get a feel for how entertaining and motivating this first evening was! The bar for the next day had been set high, and Tim Bijsterveld from The Netherlands made sure everyone could enjoy his bombdrops.

On Sunday the competition vibe really kicked in as the winner would take it all. Each team was eager to bring the title back home so they pushed the overall skate riding level further up with every hour of the Vans Shop Riot. The qualifying heats made clear that the competing teams weren't going to make it day for each other, taking no prisoners. Titus Münster and TX from Nürnberg could not have been any closer, and even the judges had to take some time out to discuss who would make it to the semi final!


Then the teams got down to dirty business: the audience got hoarse from screaming and cheering team TX’s Stefan Pöhlmann with his stylish kick flips to the bank, and Team Titus Wuppertal’s first try granades. Donovan Hofbauer’s Nollie Noseblunts on the big rail secured Austrian’s Fame shop team a ticket to the final. The venue heated up and made the hall boil with excitement and big expectations when the final four teams – Titus Münster, TX, Fame and Mantis – showed off their best during the 4-minute-sessions. Some bails would stop Mantis from going further, as team Münster’s flawy and committed lines could not only impressed the crowd but also won top marks from the judges. Finally the tired legs of team TX and Fame also gave in and the local shop team of Münster claimed the 2014 Vans Shop Riot Title.

All good things come to an end, but not before the opportunity to claim the best trick of the day passed. The Chinabanks and the big rail were quickly declared as the obstacles of choice – which triggered Munich’s very own Karsten Feyler to kill it with his Bs Flip into Flat to the Driveway.

The freshly crowned champions of Titus Münster are invited to compete at the Vans Shop Riot Finals in Autumn 2014 in Belgium to have a crack at claiming the overall title.

Big shout-outs to all the shops out there for their support and their contributions to the Vans Shop Riot. We had a great time with you all!"



On Sunday, June 8th 2014 the city of Chelles will see some serious skateboard action! Only 20min from Paris you will find the Cosanostra Skatepark geared up for you and your local Shop Team! We don't expect you to start a revolution – but make sure you come to the Vans Shop Riot. From 11am onwards there is the chance to win 2.000€ cash, and the winner will be invited to the European Shop Riot Finals in Belgium! We look forward to see you and your crew.