Raka Rör – a skate malmö exhibition

Raka Rör is the title of a group exhibition that brings together a selection of artists gathered around the central theme of the Malmö skate scene. The exhibition will feature photography, illustration, fine art and installations all with Malmö’s unique skate culture as the common thread.

The exhibition will take place in the confines of the STPLN gallery which is adjacent to Stapelbäddsparken, where the annual Ultra Bowl Competition will run in conjunction with the Raka Rör exhibition.

On the opening night there will be a screening of Phil Evans new film "Coping Mechanism" about the skate scene in Malmö. 

More info and teaser at http://skatemalmo.se/2013/08/coping-mechanism/

Opening Thursday 15.08.13 20.00 - 22.00

 15 - 18 August
STPLN - Stapelbäddsparken


David Shrigley

Richard Gilligan

Gabe Morford

Pontus Alv

Mike O´Shea

Jonas Adolfsson

Phil Evans

Sarah Meurle

Bertrand Trichet

Martin Hallberg

Jacob Ovgren

Nils Svensson

Sam Ashley

David Turakiewicz

Peter Eken Eriksson

Marcus Nyström

Peter Liedberg