Excelent Mystic Sk8 Cup 2014

sponsored by Excelent, Pilsner Urquell beer company

4th – 5TH – 6TH july

20tH ANNiversary “the real skate contest" 

On the first summer holiday weekend, Prague will be taken over by the legendary skateboarding contest which will celebrate 20 years of its history. The contest will take place on 4th – 5th – 6th July 2014 in a brand new skatepark on the Stvanice island in Prague. World’s best skaters will compete in the anniversary contest for 700.000 CZK (35.000 USD).

We expect around 150 professional skateboarders from 25 countries, for whom we are building a brand new skatepark designed by Mystic Constructions. The new skatepark features a completely new concept than what the riders and spectators were used to from previous years. The park will have four technical corners and the central pyramid. Every corner will offer different obstacles which simulate everything you can ride on the streets, from difficult stairs and rails to gaps, boxes and bangs. The roof shaped central obstacle is also set up with rails. The riders will be able to gain speed using transitions which will be all around the skatepark, offering a smooth and flowing terrain.

From Friday until Sunday, the riders will compete in Streetstyle, Bowl, Best Trick and the Masters contest, “Bowl Legends". Girls will compete in Streetstyle for 2.500 USD prize money. On Friday, the contest will start with pre-qualification for European riders. Streetstyle qualifiers will take place on Saturday, the top 29 will advance to semifinals on Sunday. Last year’s winner Ryo Sejiri advances straight into semifinals and the winner of Saturday qualifiers will get the “golden ticket" and will advance straight into the finals. Bowl qualifiers will take place on Saturday. Finals of both disciplines will take place on Sunday afternoon. Bowl finals will take place at 16:00, the “Bowl Legends" contest from 17:00 and the street finals from 18:00. The contest will conclude with the popular Best Trick contest. Prize giving ceremony will take place from 20:00.

The contest will be sanctioned by International Skateboarder’s Union, which will supply judges and process the results. The ISU series includes 12 large events globally, 3 contests in Australia, 2 in France and one each in Brazil, Spain, UK, Sweden, USA and on the Stvanice Island in Prague.


This year’s event will be a celebration of skateboarding as well as the 20th birthday of the contest. The best riders of today, together with legends of world’s skateboarding will visit Prague. Christian Hosoi, Steve Olson and David Hackett will compete in the Masters bowl category for prize purse of $5000 USD. Thanks to an extended seating area, the spectators will have a great chance to see real bowl skateboarding as it once begun in California. One of the “Z-Boys of Dogtown" is Pat Ngoho who brings the Love and Guts art exhibition http://loveandguts.com to Prague this year.

During his professional career for team “Zflex", Pat has devoted his time to study and creation of art and he’s one of icons of his craft. Visitors can see his exhibition “Love and Guts", describing the influence of skateboarding on today’s pop culture, in the Relax Zone.

Relax zone will offer, apart from art exhibition from world’s sk8 riders, also the “Excelent Mystic Stage" featuring live band concerts and after 10pm, DJs will take over on the Jägermeister DJ Stage. The Relax Zone programme will feature many other side events, like Fingerboarding demo, Skimboarding space sized 17x3m where visitors will be able to give it a go. Great Food and drinks will available from many bars. Relax zone will be connected to the contest happenings by a big screen showing live video from the skatepark.


The contest will be broadcast live on http://extreme.com/. For the first time, this years comp will feature Instant Scoring. The live web cast and will be commented by a dedicated Host who will provide information about the contest and riders.


 Friday 4th July

10.00 - 14.00 registration and open practice

15.00 - 18.00 street euro pre-qual

19.00 bands and DJs

Saturday 5th July

12.00 street qualifiers men and ladies

17.00 bowl qualifiers

19.00 bands and DJs

Sunday 6th July

13.00 street semi-finals

17.00 bowl finals

18.30 street finals

20.00 prize giving

20.30 bands and Djs