Make It Count is a series of contests around the world. It’s a jam style format over 3 obstacles. The entrance fee is 1 canned food item which is donated to a local food bank.

For each of the 10 events in Europe, 1 winner will be sent to the European finals in Portugal.

Iit is also possible to qualify for the European finals via an Instagram video contest. Skaters have to pack their best skatepark tricks into one 15 seconds edit. Deadline is June the 1st. The instagram post must contain : #elementmakeitcount and the skater’s country.

The European finals will take place in the amazing skatepark of Geraçoes and winners will be joined by the Element EU team.

Check out last year's European finals:

The overall winner in Geraçoes qualifies for the global finals where there is a chance to compete for a years worth of  Element sponsorship at TheBerrics skatepark. The European judges will also qualify one more finalist to go to the Global finals, courtesy of Dakine.

After the contest, the global finalists will spend a few days skating the YMCA skatecamp and enjoying the landscapes of the Sequoia lake area.

Recap of the 2013 Global finals: