Just got back from Lyon where Cliché were having the premiere of their new video "Bon Voyage" at the indoor skatepark. I'm not going to tell you too much about the actual video because I don't want to spoil any surprises  but I can assure you it's going be an instant classic. Everyone came through with amazing footage and Boris did a really good job with the filming/editing, staying true to the company's image without necessarily imitating French Fred's work. Lucas, Flo and JB's parts were my favorites but I was also blown away by the younger  generation. Adrien Coillard, Kevin Bradley (first time I see a 17 year old with such a solid push) and Maxime Géronzi absolutely killed it. Here are a bunch of photos I took (or nicked from Cliché or Facebook...). Some of them might be a little blurry due to the impressive amount of free beer floating around but they should give you an idea of how things went.



Adrien Coillard didn't seem too nervous.


By 7pm the skatepark was rammed with impatient skateboarders desperately trying to find a good seat for the video.



Cliché hooked us up with some tasty donuts.


Alex Maison after hearing that Cliché were going to surprise his buddy Flo Mirtain with his first promodel later that evening.



It's on! Next stop the Voxx bar.



flo gégé


Flo, Lucas, JB, Boris, Clément and me enjoying some celebratory shots at the Voxx. Thanks Nasser!



Flo got given a few of his boards to hand out to his mates. Naturally Nikwen got his first!


lucas official


Flo is stoked, Steeve Ramy is trending hard and Adrien looks a like he should get some rest...


Charles got one!


The partying went on for far too long... Boris and the boys looking fresh. 7am after-party at Hotel de ville.



Bumped into JB, Gégé, Al and Boris at the airport. Everyone seemed pretty rinsed from this weekend... Have fun in L.A guys!



All in all it was an incredible weekend, I can't wait for Bon Voyage to finally drop on iTunes and DVD (28th and 26th of April).

In the meantime you might as well rewatch this.