bud this is not music


As you can see the flyer is in French but you should be able to just about make out what's going on.

Marseille hasn't had a proper skateshop in almost 10 years so to celebrate Bud skateshop's grand opening the locals have organised a massive event that includes  Cliché (24/05) , Volcom (28/05) and Lakai (04/05) demos, Tommy Guerrero (26/04) and Wu-Tang (24/05)  concerts and an invitational contest on the ridiculously tight DIY bowl Julien Bénoliel is currently building...

Here are some photos of what the bowl looks like so far.

bowl moms 3
bowl moms 2


bowl moms

Marseille is also European capital for culture this year which means that tons of money has been invested into the development of new museum, theatres and art galleries as well as in the redevelopment of  run-down areas. This mean stuff to do when you aren't skating and millions of  new spots to hit when you are skating. If  you were looking for a place to go on holiday during that period then believe me Marseille is your ideal destination. And I didn't even mention the weather or the legendary bowl by the beach...

Check out this website for more info.