70,000-dollar purse, Thrasher Magazine contest, Beauty & The Beast demos, and plenty of live music slate DVS’ CPH 2010 to be the best event yet.

The fourth annual DVS Copenhagen Pro is drawing near and this year’s events schedule is shaping up to be the biggest and best on record.

As usual, the CPH Pro is offering the largest prize purse in Europe with this year’s purse topping out at 70,000.00 US.

“After four years of producing this event, the DVS CPH Pro is really beginning to take on a life of it’s own," says Podium Distribution VP Tim Gavin. "We've worked very hard on helping this event organically evolve into the number one skate contest in Europe and it’s great to see people coming out to support it."

While the CPH Pro Contest is the main focus, this year’s CPH Pro is offering all types of new attractions that will add serious fuel to the family-style party that rages throughout the event’s five-day schedule.


Wednesday the 23rd of June.

THRASHER’S BURNING OF THE WITCH What: Thrasher Magazine and Volcom will present a hammer session contest event in Copenhagen featuring an 8,000 dollar cash prize, a double set, a flaming Volcom stone, and a treacherous leap of doom. This event is being hosted by Jake Phelps. DJs Include: Simon LeBon (Den Sorte Skole) & Chonny Jazz. Location: Amager Strandpark, Station 3 Time: 20:00

Thursday the 24th of June. WHIPPED AND BEATEN IN THE PARK What: Girl and Anti Hero will be wrapping up their European Beauty & The Beast tour with a demo at Copenhagen’s new cement skatepark. This event will include Danish hotdogs, freezing beers, and plenty of good times. DJs include: Nicky Guerrero and Tue Track Location: Jägers skatepark – Gentofte Time: 17:00

Friday the 25th of June. BEWARE OF THE BOAR—WELCOME TO CPH What: It’s a grand Copenhagen Pro tradition to roast a wild boar among friends and blazing fires to welcome travelers to Copenhagen. DJs Include: RubADub Sound-System and PAW PAW Location: CPH Skatepark Time: From 22:00 - 04:00

Saturday the 26th of June. STREET QUALIFIERS AND VERTICAL MADNESS What: CPH PRO 2010 street qualifiers and Vert competition followed by a backyard party with live acts including Ghost Society, Booty Cologne, Timbuktu with Big Band and Specktors. DJs include: Pato, Eggers, and Faggot Fairies Location: CPH SKATEPARK secret palmgarden Time: From 18:00 - 04:00

Sunday the 27th of June. THE TREASURE What: Sunday will feature the Street finals and the Cliche Best Trick contest. DJs include: Both events include special Sunday Brunch hosted by Master Fatman and his Lindberg Hemmer Foundation jazz band. The prize ceremony will follow and will be hosted by Master Fatman and his famous Favela Chics. Location: CPH SKATEPARK After-party at Kødboderne 18 featuring a Special Ghetto Booty Line Up