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Maxime Géronzi Wallpaper

Maxime Géronzi Wallpaper

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

I’m sure most of you are already aware of this but Cliché’s Bon Voyage is out on dvd and iTunes now and Maxime’s stuff in it is absolutely ridiculous. Here’s Nikwen’s shot of his switch ollie at Hotel De Ville, Lyon taken from his interview in issue 112.


2560 × 1440: Maxime Géronzi, Switch Ollie, Lyon. (Photo: Nikwen)
Max Wallpaper_Template_2560_1440



1680 × 1050: Maxime Géronzi, Switch Ollie, Lyon. (Photo: Nikwen)
max Wallpaper_Template_1680_1050

When footage like this doesn’t get used for a section you know the standard of skating is going to be insane…


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