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Union Skateboards (Russia) video "throwaways".

Union Skateboards (Russia) video "throwaways".

Joe Coward

Russian company Union Skateboards have just dropped a throwaways clip online from their upcoming video. With footage collected all over Russia and from a recent trip to China this clip has some spot eye candy and some solid ripping throughout from the likes of: Max Kruglov, Egor Golubev, Gena Kakusha, Dima Dvoinishnikov, Alex Bobrov, Emin Aliev, Vlad Esaulkov, Egor Kaldikov, Kostia Kabanov, Sasha Kuliev, Roma Ivanov, Sereja Glushenko, Kirill Ivanov and Valera Doganadze. See what’s going on in Russia besides the Sochi Winter Olympics right now. And keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming video.


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