UNION Skateboards (Russia) – “DIY” full video with Max Kruglov, Egor Golubev and more.

DIY is the newest full-length video out of Russia by UNION Skateboards. They’ve been working on the project for the last two years, filming in Russia, Ukraine, Europe and China and it’s refreshing to see how oblivious they are to current skate trends. Especially in this climate of tucked in t-shirts and fancy hair cuts… I know people use the term “raw” rather loosely these days but for once I think it’s actually an appropriate. These guys just go for it.

DIY features Max Kruglov, Egor Golubev, Gena Kakusha, Dima Dvoinishnikov, Kostia Kabanov, Egor Kaldikov, Alex Bobrov, Sasha Kuliev, David Gaziev, Sergey Glushenko, Roma Ivanov, Emin Aliev and is filmed by Serezha Dubrovin, Vasilii Sysoev and Petr Voronov (who also edited it).