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Tony Karr in Stereophonic Sound Vol. 4

Tony Karr in Stereophonic Sound Vol. 4

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

Those of you who read Flo Mirtain’s interview in our current issue (114) are aware of how hard it was for him to find an unused song that he liked. The first one he had picked ended up being used in Pretty Sweet for Guy Mariano’s section, the second one for some American dude’s going pro part. Lee Fields was his third attempt. Pretty funny that the day after they released his section on Thrasher, Stereo put out Tony Karr’s Stereophonic Sound Volume 4, edited to the same tune…

Fucking sick part nevertheless. He’s got a carefree style and approach to skating. Loads of really quirky spots and wallride variations, he really stands out (as a skater and on the Stereo team). He got picked up by Stereo quite young and it’s been fun  to see him progress into how he is today.

  1. Dude

    Considering how many musicians and bands there are, it is kind of sad, and shows the narrow minded skateboard world…


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