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Tom DAY - Video Nasty

Tom DAY - Video Nasty

Curtis O'Dell

Heroin Skateboards have just released Tom Day’s section from the new ‘Video Nasty’ full length video. This part’s full of really gnarly, dynamic skating and filming which certainly makes for a fun video to watch. Look out for a lot of baffling no-comply variations that you never thought possible… Make sure you reward the effort that went into this video by buying a fresh copy of the DVD or downloading it on iTunes. ‘Video Nasty’ features parts from: Adrian Adrid, Chet Childress, Chopper, Craig Questions, Daniel Shimizu, Deer Man, Dark Woods, Fos, Gou Miyagi, Himaji, Howard Cooke, Osaka Daggers, Rogie, Stephen Malet and Tom Day

In the meantime, enjoy this free offering from Heroin Skateboards…

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