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Tognelli Terrified – Skate Ghosts in Barcelona

Tognelli Terrified – Skate Ghosts in Barcelona

Jan Kliewer

Sylvain Tognelli is not only a hell of a skater (nominee for some shit at the Bright awards says it all!), he’s also the king of C-footage use. Here is another little gem he recorded in Barcelona, and now put together on a cold and lonely Friday night in Berlin. In fact he was so possed with getting this project done, he even ditched the session at that park, stating “if I go outside now, I’d probably die!” You see, he’s all on the morbid side of things. East German winters really seem to be getting to him. Maybe that’s why his short movie is all about paranormal activities too… who knows?
Either way, keep em coming, Poulin!

Barcelona Skate Ghosts from sylvain tognelli on Vimeo.


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