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Timeless: Steve Forster.

Timeless: Steve Forster.

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

Steve’s part in the first Antiz video was already amazing (I remember watching that front blunt over and over again), but I feel like his Z-movie section is the one that really put him on the map. It’s the sort of part you can’t really hate on: he’s got mad board control, doesn’t take any risks in terms of trick selection and skates like he’s racing Chewy Cannon. After that part a lot more people started paying attention to him, and the rumour has it that he received a call from Jamie Thomas offering him a spot on Zero. An offer that he turned down to stay loyal to his mates, the Antiz boys. I’m pretty sure this legend is true, but even if it isn’t, could people that know him just pretend that it is when they are around me? Skateboarding doesn’t have very many fairy tales, so I’d rather keep this one intact.

Anyway, as most people know by now, Analog and Gravis cut their skate program a few months ago. So shoe companies, clothing companies, if you are reading this, I want to be able to watch a lot more Steve Forstner parts, so start paying this guy to skateboard!

Here’s a little bonus treat:

  1. flowfucker

    this guy is a beast. that gravis part was heavy as fuck. sorry but I have to quote you: “start paying this guy to skateboard!”


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