Timeless: Luy-Pa Sin in “They don’t give a fuck about us”

I can barely put into words the impact that opening line had on me the first time I saw it. It takes so many special little details to make a clip as magical as this one. The incredibly precise foot placement between both sand pits, the way he properly kicks his front leg out in front of him when he tre flips (almost Josh Kalis-esque) and the slight pause just before the second push are just a few of them. His smooth switch mongo push and fact he does a nollie varial flip rather than a conventional 180 trick to set himself for the switch back tail also add a bit of extra flavour to the line. The section may be slightly short, but I’m sure we can all agree that it’s better to have a 2 minute part with nothing else but footage of this calibre than a 5 minute one filled with average stuff. It’s all about quality not quantity isn’t?

Anyway I hope you enjoy rewatching his this, I know I did. That blazing Californian sun might even take your mind off how grim the weather’s been lately…