Sweet X Sk8mafia: 2nd “Stee” teaser with Wes Kremer, Javier Sarmiento and more.

Here’s the 2nd trailer for Sk8mafia and Sweet’s “Stee” featuring Javier Sarmiento, Erik J Pettersson, Brandon Turner, Jonas Skroder, Larelle Gray, Daniel Spangs Jimmy Cao, Nisse Ingemarsson, Jamie Palmore, Koffe Hallgren, Marshall Heath, Anton Myhrvold, Wes Kremer, Josef Scott Jatta, Tyler Surrey and Gustav Tonnesen. You might want to watch the first two parts they released if you haven’t seen them yet. Probably some of the best skateboarding to have hit the web in 2013…

Javier Sarimiento X Erik J Pettersson’s part.

Tyler Surrey X Gustav Tonnesen’s part.


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