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The Raw Video (Full Length) Now Online

The Raw Video (Full Length) Now Online

Joe Coward

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This is a really really really fucking good video. It ticks all the right boxes: filmed on VX and 16mm, exciting east coast skating on the streets of Boston, great marble and granite spots, more atypical east coast spots and an amazing soundtrack that which closes with the majestic Boards Of Canada in the credits. Filmed by Lee Madden and featuring Dana Ericson, Brian “Dutchmaster” Delaney, James Nickerson and Brian Reid (along with some locals). This fantastic first video from Raw Skateboards can be watched in it’s entirety above if you give the picture a click!

In other Boston related news, Orchard Skateshop have released a teaser for their upcoming video: “Stone Soup” which will feature Jahmal Williams, Kevin Coakley and many other Boston heads. Exciting stuff Boston, we’re digging it.


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