Nike SB Berlin Open official edit with Luan Oliveira, Gustav Tonnesen and more.

Nike SB just dropped the official recap edit of the Berlin Open comp they organised just over a week ago. I won’t go into great detail about who did what or how much free beer was flowing as we’re covering it in the next issue but know this: we had a hell of a good time out there and as you are about to see from the edit, the skating was INCREDIBLE.

In vaguely related news, Nike SB have just dropped their new lookbook (for their Fit To Move collection) that features Fernando Bramsmark alongside a few of the heavy hitters from their global team. Good to see that they are really pushing him these days, involving him in stuff like this and sending him on trips with Grant Taylor. Dude’s the best.

Watch our edit of day 1 (the qualifiers) HERE.

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