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MUòRICA - Mauro Caruso and A Brief Glance in Modica

MUòRICA - Mauro Caruso and A Brief Glance in Modica

A different flavour of skate clip

Joe Coward

A Brief Glance Magazine and Mauro Caruso have teamed up to produce this Sicilian wonder entitled “MUòRICA” which traces Mauro skating through the thin alleys, house and hills of the Sicilian city of Modica. The idyllic setting and eerily empty streets create a very atmospheric collage indeed, the city seems almost deserted – which is probably a necessary element of filming down such thin streets and hills, having people there wouldn’t be feasible. The pale stone seems forgiving for grinds and smooth to roll on and Mauro makes full use of the spots he skates. This is a unique video and should mandatory watching. So if you’re still reading this then just press play above.


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