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Meet Ulph Andersson.

Meet Ulph Andersson.

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

Basically Ulph Andersson is our new idol. It all started a few weeks ago when our staff photographer Sem Rubio sent us a sick black and white photo of a Swedish guy we’d never heard of. After some quick googling we soon realised that there was a lot more to the man than we could have ever dreamed. Not only does he have a modelling career and dress in a way that┬ámakes Patrick Melcher and Richie Jackson look conventional, but he actually rips.┬áPlus he gets his cat to clean his hair. Dude’s a genius.


Meet Ulph the Skater:

He’s also got a sick part up on Tacky that you can watch HERE.


Meet Ulph the model (click on the image for more photos). We googled the dreadlock mullet/curly moustache combo and reckon it could be an NBD…



Bonus: Ulph washing his hair.


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