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The Line: Helsinki With Samu Karvonen

The Line: Helsinki With Samu Karvonen

Alex Irvine Alex Irvine This time around we check out Helsinki with Samu Karvonen. Samu shows us how he gets around his hometown when it’s four to the floor, the local spots he shralps and where he goes to train up his hammers.

We’ll be bringing you Eniz Fazliov’s version of the city in a couple of weeks too, stay tuned.

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Catch up here with Lennie Burmeister’s and Sylvain Tognelli’s versions of Berlin.

  1. Lennie

    Hey Samu.
    Great to see you rippin The center of Helsinki.
    It is so good to skate and hang around there.
    Your line makes me wanna skate there again.
    So see you there next spring. Greetz to Pete, Jussi and the rest of the Boys.

  2. Bored Clothes

    Yo, loving Hold Tight Henry’s cam skills on The Line. And this Karvonen segment is killer. Samu you are the man!

    Now get Lennie Burmeister up — Can’t wait


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