Landscape ‘Perspectives’ #001- Jethro Coldwell

This is what we like to see! Real, refined-tech street skating on rough and smooth spots alike, all set to a banging hip-hop track. Jed Coldwell absolutely kills it in this clip, as Landscape welcome him fully into the fold. Here’s what they have to say about this, the first chapter, in their new “Perspectives” series:

“Landscape welcomes ‘Jethro Coldwell’ officially to the team with this the first in our new series of edits ‘Perspectives’. These edits will be dropping throughout the year and have the intention of showing not just the tricks but the individuals personality, approach and ‘perspective’ on this thing we do skateboarding.. Were super stoked to have Jed on board i hope you enjoy the edit and keep your eyes peeled for the next ‘Perspective’ dropping soon…”

Excellent stuff Landscape, this will be on repeat for a good while to come, can’t wait to see what comes next!

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