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Gold Wheels: Gold Goons Trailer

Gold Wheels: Gold Goons Trailer

Curtis O'Dell

Gold Wheels are finally coming out with a full length video… This trailer leaves much up to the imagination but one thing it does make clear is that its going to be big! Supposedly featuring skating from the biggest list of dudes I’ve ever seen… expect to see:

Boo Johnson, Ryan Gallant, Josh Kalis, Shmatty Chaffin, Kellen James, Terry Kennedy, Brandon Biebel, Kelly Hart, Chris Troy, Derrick Wilson, JB Gillet, Wade Desarmo, Spencer Hamilton, Keelan Dadd, Taylor McClung, Rodrigo TX, Stevie Williams, Jack Curtin, Matt Miller, Marquise Henry, PLG, Chris Brunner, Eli Reed, Pierce Brunner, Travis Glover, Dwayne Fagundes, Lenny Rivas, Kenny Hoyle, Rodrigo Petersen, Dane Vaughn, Jabari Pendleton, Will Fyock, Mikey Haywood, Marcus McBride, Diego Najera, Jeremy Murray, Carlos Iqui, Diego Garcez, Aramis Hudson, Rykeis Tyson, Furby Salcedo, Darrell Stanton and more!…

I know… it’s nuts.

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