City of Rats – Slam City Skates (1/3)

Via the Long Live Southbank campaign, Henry Edwards-Wood has made his full length video ‘City of Rats’, for London’s Slam City Skates, available online. LLSB have posted up Part 1 of 3 on Youtube so stand by for the next two instalments soon.

This seminal video marking Slam’s 25th anniversary features full parts from: Rory Milanes, Nick Jensen, Joey Pressey, Nick Jensen, Neil Smith, Karim Bakhtaoui, Lucien Clarke, Steph Morgan, Casper Brooker, Darius Trabalza, Jin Shimizu, Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch, Rob Mathieson John Tanner, Danny Brady, Scott Howes and Oliver Todd alongside sections from the Slam Family and the rest of London.

To reward the tremendous effort that went into making this film, buy the DVD here. Until then, enjoy the first third right now…

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