Thats right, its that time agains, and with Document being sadly no longer with us Sidewalk Magazine is taking over the reigns of this British Tour Event steeped in tradition.

This years teams are Adidas, NIke, Etnies, Vans, DC and Shiner Dist the trip will last for 5 days with each team being alocated their own section of the country to skate. Along with that all teams must complete tasks specific to their region to get points. The final outcome will be a full magazine dedicated to the trip with articles from all teams along with a cover mounted DVD featuring each teams edit of their trip. You guys can then vote online to help decide who wins the 2 grand prize money.

It starts THIS TUESDAY so keep checking the Big Push site for daily blog and video updates from all teams. And check the “Best of” montage from the past 4 years events.

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